The OMNI Evolution Continues…

The OMNI Evolution Continues...
The OMNI Evolution Continues… Introducing OMNI20 1 Hour NADEX Binary Options System
The OMNI evolution continues introducing OMNI20 1 Hour NADEX Binary Options System

OMNI! What a historical release. This system in addition to STRIKER9 PRO literally transformed and launched the entire binary options industry system bringing it into the professional trading realm (because it was going more towards the goofy casino direction at the time). It was crazy. And I never wanted to be in binary options in the first place! But a binary options broker kept pestering me to make a system for the industry and then he challenged me so eventually I accepted the challenge. And out of that, the OMNI system was born and the following generations thereafter, some we never published because they were too prolific and would have wrecked brokers at the time.

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