How to Crush It in Options

 How to Crush it in Options? Here Are the Exact Steps

It’s Simple to Crush it in Options.  Here’s How:

  1. Get your position sizing math right
  2. Get your percent winning solidified over time with your method of trading.
  3. Get your average points profit per trade vs. points loss per trade.  Get those averages figured out like a good direct response marketing would in figuring out their average return on each lead generated.
  4. Trade.  Build history.  Journal.  Keep on top of any errors and note what was done correctly.  Iron out your repeatable method of trading that you systematically repeat over time..
  5. Once you figure your method out and it’s producing, turn it into a habit so it “feels like nothing” to do.
  6. Compound your winning by using a optimized percent based position size so your position size grows in optimal proportion as your trading account value increases.
  7. With consistent trading system performance over time your trading account size will go parabolic, thereby allowing  you to say that you’re “Crushing it in Options Trading.”

There are a couple different ways you can crush it with options trading on a repeated basis. There is the systematic approach. And then there is the Strategic approach.

With the strategic approach you look to lineup optimized opportunities and you wait for those opportunities until the entry time is right and then you strike like a cheetah on its prey.

Systemically speaking, which may be easier for a lot of people, you simply execute the system and you use compounding money management methods that will accelerate the gains in your account as your account grows. So therefore as your account grows your position sizes will grow. And and therefore your position sizes and your cash flow can get actually extremely large by simply following this compounding approach.

The key is finding, learning, working out and mastering a good trading system.  So, do you have a good trading system?   If not, get one!  Here are a few below.  You can contact us from the link below if you have questions or reply to our email newsletter.  But just do something!  Every day you wait is a precious day of compounding that you are missing!

So for more information on our options trading systems and strategies follow this link to our different options strategies and options systems and find out what could work great for you.

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